I’m not really a morning person…..but who is, right?

So waking up early to meet for a photosession at 8:30 sounded like a bad idea. I know 8:30 is not too early, but it’s before my “be-a-nice-human” time anyways.

Anyways, I was awake and ready to meet Ruth from Urbanity Blog at the Newhaven harbour. I wanted to meet early to avoid the harsh midday sunlight and as I walked out I was almost dissapointed about how bright and sunny it already was. But oh boy….we had the best light!

Ruth - by ©acoupleofphotos

I had no reason to worry about being a morning grump since Ruth is such a lovely smiley and genuinely happy person. My mood was lifted and we were ready to get started.

We went walking along the harbour to take some portraits that she planned on using on her blog about celebrating her body and her body confidence.

Please visit her blogpost Embracing a Healthy Body to read more about her story and make sure to subscribe and follow her blog.

I could not have asked for a better combination of ligth and model. Ruth is a natural infront of the camera and the sun did the rest to make sure we were left with some gorgeous photographs.



Ruth - by ©acoupleofphotos

Ruth - by ©acoupleofphotos

Thank you Ruth for trusting in me and letting me take these photgraphs. You look stunning! Hope you like the photos as much as I do!

As for the photos….well here they are if the above left you wanting to see more 🙂

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