All three packages below come with a beautiful keepsake box that will hold your photos

Session fee £ 50
(includes professional Hair and Make-Up)

Wall Portraits

7×10 £75

11×14 £125

16×20 £180

24×30 £230

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If you still have some questions, let’s see if those FAQs below help…if not….you know….shout out!

What exactly does lifestyle actually mean?

It means real! It means that we will meet and I will photograph you in your preferred surroundings. We can go and have a walk, I can meet you at your place, we could go for a fancy cocktail or even shopping.

I will photograph you in your preferred surroundings in real life situations to reflect who you really are. We can go and have a walk, I can meet you at your place, we could go for a fancy cocktail or even shopping.

It’s your session, you decide. The only thing I would recommend is that we go somewhere you would usually go. That way you will be feeling less awkward and the photos will reflect the real you.

I am not a fan of overposed and awkwardly posed photos, if I can see you uncomfortable in front of the camera I will however give you directions to help you find your groove 🙂

Do I have to come alone?

Absolutely not.

Bring whomever you want. I would recommend not having more than 5 people at the same time as the photos tend to loose interest and emotion the bigger the group and some people will naturally stay in the background whilst others love to be in the frontline.

Imagine two of your best friends have a birthday in the same month. Would it not be great to get some beautiful pictures taken as a present?

Or even your pet, as long as it is a pet that does not need a special permit to be in certain places…I’m thinking Dinosaurs….Unicorns….and did I mention I dislike Spiders….so please no spiders.

Where are you based and how far can you travel?

I am based in Edinburgh and I travel wherever you want me to go to 🙂 Simples!

I’d much rather talk about travel cost on an individual basis as I don’t think that there is one lid fitting all pots. But basically, if the location of your choice is close enough, I happily come over with no extra cost. If you are farther than 2 hours traveling then let’s have a chat about it.

Do I get the raw files?

Short answer is no.

I will keep all raw files, or as well called digital negatives.You will receive your photos in high resolution, and I am happy to recommend great printing labs that will print beautiful memories for you from the pictures you receive. With your final photographs you will as well receive a written print release to ensure you can print as many copies as you need.

My standards are very high, therefore I am culling all outtakes out and make sure I enhance all photos to make them the best possible they can be.

What if I only want the digital files?

Then I would recommend you to gift the prints!

Ehm…what? Yes, I believe in prints! A printed photo will last a lifetime. A digital file will get lost, forgotten or worse…deleted within time. I love seeing my work printed professionally, it makes me fuzzy and warm. I am as excited as you to see the prints when they arrive nd am always in love with how they look abd feel to hold in your hands.

If you are still not convinced, no worries, everybody is different. I sell prints of my work and give the digital file with them. SO you will get the digital copy of the print you purchase. I do not sell digitals as a standalone product.

Who keeps the Copyright

I do. That means I am the creator and I am the owner of the Photos, just like a painter will always be the painter of his/her drawings. That said, you will receive a written print release form from me which will explain this further and give you the right to print all digital files you receive for your personal purposes.

It also means that if somebody contacts you to be able to use one of the photos, you will just refer them to me.

When will I see the Photos?

It will ususally take me approximately a week.

I will let you know as soon as they are ready for your viewing appointment where you will be able to choose which prints you would like to order.

Why you Jasmin?

Short answer….don’t know.

Let’s be honest. Not everybody will get along, so it might as well be that I am not the ideal photographer for you.
Sad but true……(oh good old Metallica days…)

You have now seen a digital version of me, my style, my character and who I am. Next thing to do is to meet. If you are in Edinburgh, I know of loads of nice places to meet. If you are somewhere else, I do Skype 🙂 So let’s meet. And then it will hopefully be easy for you to answer this question.

And if you do, then tell me so I can go ahead and change the answer here too 🙂

What should I wear?

Wear something that makes you feel good.

Do you have a favourite sweater? Fine with me!

Do you want to glam up because you love that one cocktail dress? Fine with me!

It’s your shoot, you choose. Iwould recommend to wear something that is comfortable though.

The only think I would suggest you leave at home are logos, brands, crazy patterns and white.

Do you do Make up and Hair?

Seriously? Have you seen me? You’d be happy to know that I do not! But I can arrange a great professional Hair and Makeup artist to help you getting ready for your session if you would like me to.

So, I am really unphotogenic, like really...

There is no such thing as unphotogenic!

The camera does not hurt, so no damage. And if you hate all your photos, then just don’t buy them 🙂 No pressure. I am sure you will like them though 🙂 This is why you are investing in a professional photographer.

What if the photos I have seen don't really look like what I am expecting to receive?

Hmm….I guess we are not a good match then. And as sad as this might be, I think you should continue looking for a professional photographer that takes pictures you absolutely fall in love with. Somebody you think you can connect with and who’s website really speaks to you.
No hard feelings, and good luck, congratulations…and have a blast on your wedding day!

I have not seen a package that really suits what I am looking for?

You can always choose a collection that comes closest to what you would like and add prints from the a la carte menu. I am very flexible in creating some lasting products that you will love, so if you have a specific idea in mind, please let me know and I am sure we can find a solution.