All three packages below come with a beautiful keepsake box that will hold your photos

Session fee £ 50
(includes professional Hair and Make-Up)

Wall Portraits

7×10 £75

11×14 £125

16×20 £180

24×30 £230

Let's talk...

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If you still have some questions, let’s see if those FAQs below help…if not….you know….shout out!

Do I have to come alone?

Absolutely not.

Bring whomever you want. I would recommend not having more than 5 people at the same time as the photos tend to loose interest and emotion the bigger the group and some people will naturally stay in the background whilst others love to be in the frontline.

Imagine two of your best friends have a birthday in the same month. Would it not be great to get some beautiful pictures taken as a present?

Or even your pet, as long as it is a pet that does not need a special permit to be in certain places…I’m thinking Dinosaurs….Unicorns….and did I mention I dislike Spiders….so please no spiders.

Where are you based and how far can you travel?

I am based in Edinburgh and I travel wherever you want me to go to 🙂 Simples!

I’d much rather talk about travel cost on an individual basis as I don’t think that there is one lid fitting all pots. But basically, if the location of your choice is close enough, I happily come over with no extra cost. If you are farther than 2 hours traveling then let’s have a chat about it.

Do I get the raw files?

Short answer is no.

I will keep all raw files, or as well called digital negatives.

At your vieweing session you will choose the picture you would like to take home with you.You will receive your beautiful Portraits printed from me. And you will receive the digital copy of every single photo you will buy.

What if I only want the digital files?

With me you get both!

If you don’t want to display your photos on your walls you can store them in the beautiful keepsake folio boxes, or you could even gift your prints to your loved ones.

Who keeps the Copyright

I do. That means I am the creator and I am the owner of the Photos, just like a painter will always be the painter of his/her drawings.

You can most obviously share your photos on Social media or your blog, website, myspace…?…you name it.

It also means that if somebody contacts you to be able to use one of the photos commercially or in a competition, you will just refer them to me.

When will I see the Photos?

We will schedule your viewing session the day you come to get your portraits taken.

This is usually within 2 weeks of that day.

What should I wear?

Sparkles, shiny lacy things make my heart happy!
If you are anything like me, then bring your shiny treasures little magpie!

I feel like this is the best I can do as for a short answer, but don’t worry, once we have spoken in person or on the phone I will send you my getting ready guide to help prepare a little bit better.

Do you do Make up and Hair?

Yes! It’s probably the best pampering part of your shoot.

So, I am really unphotogenic, like really...

There is no such thing as unphotogenic!

The camera does not hurt, so no damage. And if you hate all your photos, then just don’t buy them 🙂 No pressure. I am sure you will like them though 🙂 This is why you are investing in a professional photographer.

I have not seen a package that really suits what I am looking for?

You can always choose a collection that comes closest to what you would like and add prints from the a la carte menu. I am very flexible in creating some lasting products that you will love, so if you have a specific idea in mind, please let me know and I am sure we can find a solution.