I met Katie last Wednesday for an outfit shoot in Edinburgh.

She describes herself as an adventure seeking, chocolate loving, vintage loving and positivity giving young thing from Scotland.

Katie writes a lot about fashion and has a very positive point of view on her blog with a lot of motivational things to read. But there is a little bit of everything on her blog, so please go and check it out www.littlekaatie.com

Katie mentioned on twitter that she would like to get some Pictures taken, and the internet is that fast an awesome that a few days later we had a date!

Katie wanted to get some outfit shots in an urban environment and Edinburgh just is the nicest background you can imagine.
I met Katie for a quick coffee before we head out to get some pictures taken. I just need my caffeine and I thought that having those few minutes to get to know each other. And I was pleasantly surprised how beautiful and what a lovely and nice person Katie is! Set for absolute success we went walking around old town stopping here and there to get some nice pictures. Time flew and we had a great time.




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