let's talk about the Couple behind a Couple of Photos...




I am Jasmin Bauer. I am the main pair of eyes behind the lenses here. When you click on Book a Session, it’s me you can expect 🙂

I have always been fascinated by the great portraits of the old masters like Avedon, Penn, Leibovitz and never knew where this fascination came from until I started taking photos myself. It was a clear love at first sight to take portraits. I love being able of capturing a very moment in time on a photo that otherwise might pass by without a trace in time. Portraits are all about the Connection, the self-awareness, the inner beauty and the emotional experience. When my clients see their picture for the first time, I almost feel like cheating, as I have seen them in a way they might have never seen themselves before they do. And that’s the magic. I can show you how beautiful you are in a single frame. Wow, how lucky am I, right?

Victor is the other part of the Couple. Although he mostly stays in the background he is my biggest supporter and my backbone. He understands websites, cable, technology and other IT things. I would not have this beautiful website if it was not for him. He is also a great photographer with a passion for Landscape as well as Street photography. I admire his ability to see the big picture and immortalize the moment.

Together we are a couple of photographers, a couple of friends, a couple of lovers and a couple of illusionists. We think we can capture a perfect moment in an everlasting photograph.

We both fell in love with photography and through photography we fell in love with each other. Together we learned to watch and see the world through a lens. We learned that every most un-important thing can be beautiful depending on how you see it.

To learn even more about what we are up to, have a peek at our Blog.

We hope you will enjoy our photos and our point of view from whatever we see and show you. If you have any question or if you just want to say “hi” please send us an email to hi@acoupleofphotos.com