A few Weekends ago we went on a little day trip with our friend Carina to Aberlady bay a Local Nature Reserve between Edinburgh and North Berwick.

if you have never Heard of Aberlady Bay and you are somewhere around Edinburgh. Please go!

We had first read about this place on a blog called mad about travel. The blog is in Spanish, so either do a little Spanish Holiday Español refresher, or otherwise I’m sure Google can help you understand it.

Back to our trip now. It was freezing cold, windy and pretty miserable….perfect day for a trip to the beach 🙂

More than the beach and sand, dunes and birds we really were looking forward to see the submarine wrecks on the beach. I have always been intrigued with abandoned things and ruins.

Those submarines have quite an interesting story. They have been used in War to position explosives next or under stationary boats. In 1946 the submarines have been attached to a cement block in the bay to anchor them and serve as targets for RAF training. After that, the wrecks have been left to rot on the beach.

there are quite a few places with more information on them. Check those out too if you are interested.

Undiscovered Scotland

Secret Scotland


I was quite scared we might not be able to find the x-crafts, but once you arrive at the little car park, cross the bridge, the woodlands, and then climbed the big dune….you will see them. Just make sure you check the tides before you go there as it seems like the tide comes in quite quick and the submarines a quite a bit into the sea. So be warned.

However it’s a great little day trip and a beautiful area to explore.

We have heard quite a few birds, seen some swans, ducks, deers, and a frog 🙂

Now with the weather getting nicer and the temperature hopefully getting warmer soon, this is a place I could easily see myself spending a whole day.